Scientists have ‘digitally unwrapped’ some Egyptian animal mummies, including a kitten and cobra

The exact cause of death is unknown, according to a team from the University of California, Davis, but fossils reveal the predator died shortly after its enormous meal. This is the largest fossil ever found inside another creature, according to the team behind the discovery, who said it took several years before they accepted the find. People wearing a face mask were seven times more likely to wash their hands, 20 times more likely avoid handshakes, and 13 times more likely to stick to distancing. Engineers in London just smashed the world’s data transmission rate with a speed a fifth faster than the previous record. They hit a rate of terabits a second, beating the previous terabits. Neurologists in the Netherlands say test subjects exhibited reduced activity in the parts of the brain involved with empathy if they were told to shock someone than if they chose to do it. A collapse in Grand Canyon National Park sent a boulder falling down the side of a mountain that held the oldest vertebrate tracks. Experts say the two sets were made million years ago. Most plastics degrade when they’re recycled.

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We have a clear vision – to inspire Great British manufacturing on the global stage. The MTC is part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, supported by Innovate UK. “When I Date: Tuesday 18 August NASA Scientists Impressed by MTC Capability The Coventry-based Manufacturing Technology Centre is.

The LLB Bachelor of Laws degree teaches you to understand and critically analyse the rules and institutions which society establishes to secure and promote justice and order. Our degree emphasises an understanding of law in context. We aim to encourage a broad outlook on legal issues, an understanding of the functions of law and of the legal system, and an appreciation of the place of rules of law in the construction of politics and society.

Students learn that law is not a body of knowledge stored in libraries, but a presence all around us, constantly evident in our social, civil and business interactions. To study law with us is not to amass large quantities of stored information, but to explore key issues of fundamental importance to society. The study of law involves the acquisition of a variety of intellectual skills. In addition to being a preparation for the legal profession, the creative and imaginative powers of reasoning that the study of law develops are valued by many employers.

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Credit: Mike Thornton. Ottoline Leyser is optimistic about taking on the most powerful job in UK science. Leyser replaces Mark Walport , a former chief scientific adviser to the government. Leyser, former director of the Sainsbury Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, UK, is renowned for her work in understanding plant development. She spoke to Nature about her ambitions to change how research in the United Kingdom fundamentally functions. The opportunity to come out of this and rebuild our economy in a much more inclusive way is a key part of what I hope UKRI can help to do.

Scientists say the secrets to success in online dating are to aim high, keep your message Internet dating has become the dominant form for those seeking romance – it’s The EU and UK are locked in last-minute power play.

We’re open! Book your free ticket in advance. This rock shows geometric art made by the Magdalenians, an Ice Age culture living in Europe. Prehistoric societies in the British Isles were creating artistic designs on rock as long ago as the late Ice Age, a new study confirms. Ten fragments of stone engraved with abstract designs were found at Les Varines in Jersey between and The plaquettes, or flat, engraved stones, are believed to have been made by the Magdalenians, an early hunter gatherer culture.

The Magdalenians were prehistoric humans that lived in Europe between 23, and 14, years ago, towards the end of the last Ice Age which geologists call the Pleistocene epoch. The Magdalenian era saw a flourishing of early art, from cave art to the decoration of tools, and the engraving of stones and bones. Society was semi settled, and people lived in dwellings and hunted herd animals like horses and bison.

Experts believe this time was one of relative prosperity, when most Magdalenians had plentiful food and leisure time. The climate would have been cold, although slowly warming. Magdalenian culture vanished at the end of the Ice Age, giving way to the Azilian culture, a far less artistically rich society.

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If you would like to be involved in its development let us know. The CSF develops talented medically and other clinically qualified professionals who have gained a higher research degree to lead their own research plans and establish their own research team to make the transition to independent investigator. A CSF provides funding for a challenging research programme, and an ambitious programme of research training which offers accelerated personal and career development.

Date: Tuesday 25 August ; Location: Online via MS Teams St Andrews top in the UK for student academic experience in the UK behind Cambridge, according to the Guardian University Guide Art History · Biology · Chemistry · Classics · Computer Science · Divinity · Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The vaccine is being developed by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom in collaboration with the biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Phases one and two of the clinical trial took place simultaneously in April in southern England, when safety and immune responses were checked in more than a thousand healthy volunteers ages 18 to That makes Brazil an important proving ground as this vaccine candidate continues its rapid march toward approval by the U.

Preliminary results from all these trials will be collected through November, and if they confirm that the vaccine is effective, the Oxford team will submit it for an initial registration with MHRA by the end of the year. In the U. This trial is recruiting 30, volunteers from 89 sites around the country to test the effectiveness of the mRNA vaccine, which would be a first of its kind if approved by the National Institutes of Health.

Participating in a vaccine trial is a rigorous and time-consuming process.

Online dating: Aim high, keep it brief, and be patient

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3 ways satellites connect scientists with ocean life · An eruption at Montserrat Volcano on October 11, Can volcanic eruptions cause El Niño? NOAA Home.

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And the Scot played his own pivotal part in the development of these new scientific advances. Automobile companies are working round the clock at the moment to create these new vehicles in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. But, almost years ago, Davidson originally devised the mechanics of bringing such a plan to fruition.

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CNN Digital. Researchers at a UK university have “digitally unwrapped” three mummified animals from ancient Egypt using high-resolution 3D scans. Previous research had shown that the mummies contained a snake, a bird and a cat. New images revealed details about the cat’s life and death. The team were also able to dissect the mummies to learn how the animals lived and died more than 2, years ago, according to a press release from the University of Swansea in Wales, published Thursday.

Previous research had shown that the mummies contained a snake, a bird and a cat, but now X-ray micro CT scanning — which gives images times more detailed than a medical CT scan — means scientists have even been able to look at the animals’ teeth. Our work shows how the hi-tech tools of today can shed new light on the distant past.

Researchers found the cat was less than five months old, and separation of its vertebrae suggest it was strangled to death, while the bird was identified as a Eurasian kestrel, thanks to virtual bone measurement. The snake was a juvenile Egyptian cobra, and scientists found evidence of kidney damage, which means it probably suffered from a lack of access to water and developed a form of gout.

Researchers say the cobra was killed by a “whipping action” and may have been subject to the “opening of the mouth” ceremony during mummification.

Covid-19 news: UK cases level off as R number rises slightly

This training – and subsequent research supervision – is provided by leading academics from the departments of Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering Science, Medicine and Population Health. The first term addresses fundamentals of data science: ethics and data governance, computational statistics, machine learning and data engineering.

The second term addresses the specific challenges of health data – including genomics, imaging and sensor data – and the methodologies needed for large-scale, data-driven health research. Each term ends with an extended, team-based data challenge, with engagement from industry and healthcare partners.

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