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Please register from the event page. The seminar is about basic knowledge about visa and taxation for business startups in Japan. The lecture will be performed in English. It will be a good opportunity to make network with English speaking professionals around Kawasaki, Tokyo and Yokohama. Kawasaki City is between Tokyo and Yokohama. Kawasaki station is 10 to 20 minutes by train from Tokyo Station or Yokohama Station.

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This is a course for women entrepreneurs at an early stage of their business to foster a mindset that contributes to future development, by providing knowledge necessary for further step-up, including human resources management, marketing, management strategy, and by hearing the actual experiences of those alumni. Female entrepreneurs, female venture managers seeking growth, female executives, female managers, etc.

For the third and subsequent sessions, the event type will be decided based on the status of COVID infectious diseases. Oda, who has been involved in a wide range of activities, has been challenged by a variety of competitions to recognize social contribution, such as the Google Impact Challenge and the Expo Live Global Innovator at the Dubai Expo, and has received numerous awards.

All Areas: 【event date: 】Mother Class for foreign parents – with Filipino interpreters (For free!) -. All Areas: 【Event date.

The reason why is because all great ideas should be pursued, and money should not be a problem. We bet that we can build a great relationship with you thus, increase our value over time. We will evaluate the idea and yourself based on three simple things: feasibility and potential for the idea and your eagerness to start your project and become an entrepreneur. Once done we will propose either our Full Assistance plan, our Startup Assistance plan or our Partial Assistance plan.

Full Assistance is our best plan and is 5 to 6 times less expensive than market cost, Startup Assistance is 3 to 4 times less expensive than market cost, and Partial Assistance is twice less expensive than market cost. For the idea, feasibility means that your project can be enabled by technology or optimized by technology, potential means that your project must be scalable and become big. When it comes to you, we want to help people who really want to start an entrepreneurial project thus once we make you an offer today you will need to accept or decline it today.

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Japanese startup to launch compact rocket in May after 4-month delay

Japan has a rapidly growing startup scene, driven by a collaboration of corporations and startups. Traditional Japanese corporations have been said to be slow-moving and risk-averse, though they are increasingly turning their attention and dollars to more nimble, faster-moving startups in order to innovate more quickly. Major corporations in Japan are supporting the growing startup scene, with 25 of the 44 companies ranked in Forbes Top engaging with startups in one way or another.

This engagement is increasingly characterized by corporate venture capital invested into new enterprises. Japanese giants, such as Toyota Motor and Panasonic, are increasing investment in startups, pouring 27 times as much money in as five years before. Venture capital investments by major Japanese corporations specifically through corporate venture capital and corporate funds totaled deals in , the highest number on record.

Fintech Startup Accelerator Program Dates. Silicon Valley. 9 a.m.. Oct. 29, Japan Selection Day. Tokyo. 9 a.m.. Nov. 12, Singapore Expo.

Slush Helsinki. Contact Us. A new platform that allows startups from all over the world to connect with investors, mentors, partners, and each other — every single day. In this whitepaper, we lay out how startups of the s will look different from those of the decade gone by. Slush has grown from a gathering in Helsinki to a global movement spanning a range of initiatives, all aimed at equipping founders to solve the most meaningful problems of our time. Accelerated learning, mentoring from experienced founders and an internship in a high-growth startup — our 3-month summer program is the start of the revolution in entrepreneurship education.

Soaked by Slush exists to create the kind of in-depth journalism that we believe European tech needs to flourish. We are all about hyper-concrete stories on building companies, fresh takes on European tech, and data-driven observations about the world around us. Slush has grown from a person assembly in Helsinki to a community of true global magnitude.

The mission of Slush remains the same: to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs. Connecting Europe and China with 15, global thinkers, 2, startups and 1, investors gathering in Shanghai.

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Please view this before applying to briefing or individual consultation session. Una and Dr. Click here YouTube.

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For those who already have an established company abroad and would like to expand their business to Japan, there are 3 types of operations you can choose from to incorporate your business. In Japan, a Representative Office, is not allowed to act in sales activities refer to the link above for details. For those looking to start a new business within Japan, you will need to establish a company and obtain a specific VISA.

Since the use of a new type of Visa called “Start-Up Visa” became available in several regions of Japan, it has been a little easier for non-Japanese entrepreneurs to come to Japan and start their own business. The following article will provide some information about the types of Visa available 4-Months Business Manager Visa and Start-Up Visa , the things that need to be done in order to register a corporation business , the types of business structures used in Japan, and where one can register a business.

This address cannot be the address of a temporary office or a virtual office. You also cannot use your residential address as an office in most cases but there may be some exceptions. Please consult the Immigration Bureau for more details. In order to start a new business in Japan as a foreign national, it is necessary to obtain a specific type of visa. If you do not have a visa yet, you will need to obtain a 4-Months Business Manager Visa or a Start-Up Visa which is provided in some municipalities Tokyo, Fukuoka and other cities in Japan.

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The city is also an international business hub, with 75 percent of all foreign companies in Japan calling it home. Given the presence of so many established businesses, it should come as no surprise that there is a significant network of investors and resources to help startups grow. Startup Guide Tokyo will be packed with city essentials, case studies, local tips, in-depth interviews and helpful insight, designed to give entrepreneurs the tools to build their big ideas in the capital.

Now she is helping companies maximise their potential.

Nothing Normal Ever Changed The World. But a community of world-conquering entrepreneurs just might. Join the world’s leading startup events.

Network with top tier investors. Meet innovative startups from around the world. Network with other corporate representatives and investors. Meet top global startups. Get access to new deals around the world. Sat, Jul

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If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. Setting up an investor partnership can be quite tedious. Never mind the actual paperwork; just getting an investor to say yes can take several months. In the business world, not a lot of processes can be slashed by shortcuts. From September 27 to 28, you can meet 40 potential investors in just two days.

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The event was started with a Startup. Network introduction and presentation of the global initiative:. Guests of the event will also vote online for the Best Startup in the Audience Awards nomination. The second place went to:.

Tokyo Startup Visit. Saudi’s Top Leaders Meeting Japan’s Date. January Prepare a 2 days tour to visit the top startups in Tokyo. Albeit the very short.

Download French Tech Tokyo Presentation. It’s Halloween!! We’ve been surrounded by so many pumpkins or other halloween decorations since September that we almost forgot that We still have time. What could we do meanwhile? Oh I know! Why don’t you take the time that you already generously gave us by opening this newsletter, to register a couple of event?

You know you want to : This month we are packed, so without anymore boring introduction, here’s October’s French Tech Tokyo newsletter! And if you found this newsletter interesting, don’t forget to subscribe to receive the next one it’s a monthly newsletter so not too much spam we promise! Click Here. We were able to exchange about challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies in Japan. The DFT, Digital Festival Tahiti , invites professionals, institutions, administrations, students and the general public to discover the positive innovations of Tech4Islands.

Come and explore the solutions of Tech4Islands and discover the concrete applications of the latest technologies for the harmonious and sustainable development of our island societies, while respecting our identity and our environment. The festival will be held from 16 to 19 October.

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