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Daisy Absent From Momoland’s Comeback Promotion Due to Dating Scandal with Yunhyeong IKON?

She lived 11 years in Vancouver, Canada. She is the main rapper, lead dancer and sub-vocalist of the girl group Momoland. She was one of the contestants of Finding Momoland who did not qualify, but was later added on March 28th,

Got7 + Ikon Dating Scandal Surfaces.. [Dispatch Please].

First of all, I do not understand why people call it a scandal when all you ever did was fallen in love with someone like how we, the fans have fallen in love with our dear idols although in a different sense and level. But with iKON, we trust. Fourth, yes, it hurts. We are JUST fans. We need to be mature and grow up. Maybe, ours, in a different way.

They are just humans and not objects for us to own. But I really hope that their dating life should be kept private in respect to our emotions.

Dumbest iKON Scandals

The group was launched by YG Entertainment and has seven male members at the moment. It proved to be a super hit as they have sold more than , albums by March Speculations have gained weight since they have been spotted together twice. The first time they were seen shopping together at renowned Edit Shop. Soon they came back in the limelight when fans noticed both of them wearing the same sneakers, as some consider as indications of a relationship.

At the moment, no scandal or rumor has raised regarding his relationship status.

Though YG Entertainment, iKON’s music label, issued a contradictory response to the pair’s dating news, causing confusion among fans.

Rumors rumors rumors They are everywhere and we can’t really do anything against them. We as Ikonics try to defend our beloved group as much as possibly but did you ever think like ‘maybe this is true? Please be aware that this is my own opinion and feeling towards this whole situation. You don’t have to share my point of view but at least try to understand what I am saying and tell me your opinion in the comments. I think the best example of a group ruined by rumors is Block B.

B.I’s Drug Scandal: Everything You Need To Know

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A recent K-pop ‘scandal’ is focusing attention on the difference between the was the leader and rapper of K-pop group iKON before bowing out of the Many South Korean entertainment companies employ “dating bans” in.

The investigation continues. The culture clash between fans is nothing new, but as K-pop continues to generate curiousity and gain immense popularity abroad, the scrutiny on how performers are treated by their management and South Korean audience will likely increase. But the media attention, social media presence and constant availability of K-pop acts to their fans comes at a cost. For Western audiences, getting tattoos, going on dates, smoking a cigarette or even cannabis use may not be considered anything out the ordinary for a performer — but in conservative South Korean entertainment culture — especially for idols, they are considered taboo and in the case of cannabis, illegal.

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iKON Song Yunhyeong and Momoland Daisy Involved in Dating Rumor

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MOMOLAND member Daisy has admitted that she is dating iKON’s Song Yunhyeong. However, iKON’s label, YG Entertainment, has a different.

He is also known by his stage name June. Following elimination from the show, in April he was scouted by YG Entertainment and joined the company as a trainee. So, stay tuned! As an idol, you have to be prepared to accept the watchful eye and criticism of the netizens. In the photo, the iKON member looks relaxed in black clothes. Next to him, there seems to be a beautiful woman dressed in sexy clothes.

The photos were immediately spread virally to various sites in South Korea. Is he really a rookie? My question was, is he legal for clubbing? Junhoe aroused controversy after his photographs at a nightclub were scattered in the online community. Although he was already an adult, many regretted this because he was still classified as a rookie idol at that time.

Why B.I leaving K-Pop group iKON after drug controversy is such a big deal

Known as a self-proclaimed feminist, the year-old has been making headlines not only in her home country of South Korea, but also on international news outlets, all thanks to her involvement in several controversies with numerous popular celebrities. Keep in mind that this list is arranged randomly and not according to the exact date it happened:. According to reports, both of them smoked marijuana together. As a result, she was sentenced to 4-year of probation period and had to spend hours of drug treatment sessions.

Her statement generated a significant amount of controversy due to the fact that V and Han Seo Hee are the same age both were born in ; they are considered underage and prohibited to enter such place.

iKON made a guest appearance on a radio show where an audience member questioned if B.I has truly never dated before in his life. ikon bi.

T hese past two days have been wild for kpop. First the Jihyo and Daniel dating news, and then Momo and Heechul. So, reportedly Momo and Heechul had been dating for the last two years. JYP which is the label Momo is signed under was quick to deny this rumor but in a couple of minutes and released the statement that they were looking into it. This is when the fans lost it.

As is with kpop fans and dating, you either get acceptance or rejections. This supposed couple got the latter. The fans had reasons though because Heechul is 14 years older than Momo and if them dating for 2 years was true, that means Momo was 19 at the start of the relationship. Well whew. Onces, Kpop Stan twitter,the world: pic.