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Get our news on your inbox! Suscribe x. The Argentine archivist said that following the French defeat to the British at the Seven Year war, when it lost most of its colonial empire, France tried to recover its lost power and international standing by taking advantage of Spain and was planning to conquer the Malvinas. However the Spanish court claimed its right over the Islands to which France yielded while Bougainville accepted compensation for abandoning the settlement he had built, explained Grimson. But in the meantime England aware that the Falklands would be crucial for its trade and naval interests, London organized a secret expedition to the Islands trying to circumvent the Spanish claims. In the national libraries from Argentina and Brazil agreed on a joint project called the Pedro de Angelis virtual library, the first trans-national undertaking of its kind in South America and which brings together the documental heritage collected by one of the outstanding history science pioneers of Argentina from the century XIX. Considered one of the first historians of Argentina, De Angelis published unedited documents and founded several newspapers. The Buenos Aires political and literary chronicle in and The Morning Star in , and was also the first to begin biography publications in Argentina.

Trove Of Recipes Dating Back To Inquisition Reveals A Family’s Secret Jewish Roots

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Beracha Veshalom Vegimulth Hasidim Synagogue, Charlotte Amalie Picture: The sandy floor is a sephardic tradition dating back to the times of the Spanish.

The Spanish Sweet Chestnut tree, which has reported connections to the Spanish Armada and believed to have sprouted from seeds stored in a dead sailor’s pocket, fell in recent weeks near Larne. Located in St Patrick’s Church of Ireland graveyard in Cairncastle, it is a well-known landmark in the local area and is believed to date back to the 16th century. Dubbed the Armada Tree, local legend suggests that the tree is connected to the Spanish Armada fleet, which saw ships set sail from Spain to invade England in May Storms blew a ship off course, which was later found off the Co Antrim coast and a sailor was washed up on the shores at Ballygally.

Local people buried his body in an unmarked grave at St Patrick’s Church, but a Spanish Sweet Chestnut tree later emerged from the grave. It is believed the tree grew from a chestnut the sailor had in his pocket, thought to have been carried to ward off scurvy at the time. But after standing in the graveyard for over years, following its collapse, plans are afoot for the wood to be repurposed. Woodturners with experience working with wood from the ‘Game of Thrones’ Trees at the Dark Hedges are now set to try and create something memorable from the tree.

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AP — A trove of Spanish coins dating back to a shipwreck during a storm have been found along a beach in Florida. TC Palm newspapers report that year-old treasure hunter Jonah Martinez located the coins using a metal detector. Twelve Spanish galleons laden with treasures from the New World were bound for Spain on July 31, , but 11 were lost during a hurricane off the coast of Florida. Most of the treasure lies beneath the ocean.

Download this stock image: Vintage school map of Spain, dating back to the last century, with inset maps of Canary Islands and Spanish possessions. Details.

Effective immediately, Florida State Parks will follow local orders requiring facial coverings or masks to provide for staff and visitor safety. These requirements vary from area to area. Our main priority is the safety of our guests and staff. We will continue to review operations on a daily basis and make additional operational changes as may be deemed necessary for protection of public health. No parks or campgrounds are closed due to the storm at this time. Due to local orders, facial coverings or masks are required inside buildings for staff and visitor safety.

Visitors are expected to maintain safe social distances of at least 6 feet apart. The property is now managed by Fort Clinch State Park as part of the Florida Park Service and has been a state managed property since Skip to main content. Safety Updates Effective immediately, Florida State Parks will follow local orders requiring facial coverings or masks to provide for staff and visitor safety. Breadcrumb Home Find a Park. Fernandina Plaza Historic State Park site of a historic Spanish Fort, this grassy park offers stunning river views in a charming coastal village.

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A spokesperson for the University said: “The project was led by Gibraltarian archaeologist Kevin Lane and featured an international team of experts including Clive Finlayson, Jennifer Grant and Emma Pomeroy. Local historian and former paediatrician Sam Benady provided expert knowledge on the early history of the old St. The effects of this period of incipient globalisation are reflected in the skeletons of what was then a naval hospice, initially run by local philanthropist Juan Mateos and subsequently by the Spanish hospitaller order of Los Padres de Juan de Dios now known as La Orden Hospitalaria de San Juan de Dios from the late 16th to early 18th Century.

The remains, mostly of teenage and young men, included evidence for amputations, surgery and syphilis and were usually buried in small groups in what would have been the courtyard running alongside the church of the hospital. Tantalisingly, the excavation also revealed the remains of an earlier Moorish occupation at the same site, dating to the 14th and 15th Century.

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By Bruce Bower. October 28, at am. Ancient European cave paintings recently attributed to Neandertals have ignited an ongoing controversy over the actual age of those designs and, as a result, who made them. An international group of 44 researchers, led by archaeologist Randall White of New York University, concludes that the controversial age estimates, derived from uranium-thorium dating, must be independently confirmed by other dating techniques.

Those approaches include radiocarbon dating and thermoluminescence dating, which estimates the time since sediment was last exposed to sunlight. The team that dated the Spanish paintings, led by geochronologist Dirk Hoffmann of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, stands by its original analysis and will submit a response to the latest critique of its findings to the Journal of Human Evolution.

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In pics: Egypt announces the discovery of coffin containing a mummy dating back to the 17th dynasty in Luxor BY. The newly discovered coffin measures 1. The coffin was placed on the ground horizontally. The mummy which was found in a bad conservation condition is of a or year-old girl resting on her right side inside the coffin. The girl mummy is wearing two spiral shaped earrings in one of her ears.

The two earrings are covered with a thin metal leaf.

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In August , a team of archeologists found a baby rattle inside a grave dating back to the Spanish Civil War. The flower-shaped toy was found lying next to a body that had been covered with quicklime and buried without a coffin. The scientists were divided: could this object really be from ? The municipal cemetery had once been located here.

The toy could indeed date back to the Civil War. The toy and the story behind it also helped a family learn new facts about events that had been buried away for decades. She had four children when she was killed. The youngest was nine months old, and he was probably the owner of the rattle.

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But are strict and early isolation and other preventative mandates really effective in minimizing the spread and impact of a disease outbreak? Stefan E. These cities included San Francisco, St. One analysis showed that these cities also had greater delays in reaching peak mortality, and the duration of these measures correlated with a reduced total mortality burden. He studied the Spanish flu, including prevention measures and outcomes, to help develop standards for staffing and safety in the cytology lab, where infectious diseases like the COVID virus are diagnosed and studied at the cellular level.

His broader article appeared online this week in the Journal of the American Society of Cytopathology. Like today, not everyone in and thought the strict measures were appropriate or effective at the time. An estimated , people died in the U. Weinberg Cancer Center at Melrose Park.

Spanish Scientists Discover Traces of Covid-19 were in Barcelona Last Year!

Namely, where the hell did that originate? But interestingly, a number of slang words and phrases have roots that can be traced back to ancient times and faraway lands. Here are 7 of our favorites:. This commonly used phrase stems from Middle Dutch — the form of the Dutch language spoken from around It can also describe objects, like your house, which might be decked out with flashing Christmas lights that you leave up until February.

With many dating back thousands of years, we have selected 10 of the best and most In the midst of summer, Madrid Pride Week is a huge event in Spanish.

The Discovery of a unique cemetery dating back to the Sawi era by the Egyptian-Spanish archaeological mission Sun, May. Mustafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, the cemetery is unique in its kind, and this style has not been exposed before in Bahnasa. The cemetery consists of one room built of polished limestone, its entrance from the north side, and its walls have curvature from the top at the beginning of the roof, which makes it flat and not vaulted, as is customary in the rest of the previously discovered tombs in the area, indicating that no found was found in it Funeral furniture.

And on the side of adding d. Esther Ponce, the head of the mission, estimated that the excavations showed eight Roman-era tombs with a domed and unmarked roof, inside which many Roman tombstones, bronze coins, small crosses, and clay seals were found. The reasons for the disappearance of Nefertiti’s tomb Her separation from Akhenaten or a plot for the throne?

Tue, Aug.

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Hey, Seeker! We are dishing out travel inspiration, hand picked for you. Join our growing community. What you may not know about this famous rice dish, however, is that its origins proudly trace back to Valencia.

Between the traditional family-run establishments that date back generations, contemporary hotspots, and charming beachside chiringuitos, no trip to Valencia is.

According to scientists, this suggests that the novel virus that triggered the current pandemic emerged from China much earlier than the Chinese Community Party had previously admitted. After the Covid outbreak reached Europe, scientists at the University of Barcelona began conducting research on wastewater to possibly identify new outbreaks. They also decided to test old water samples, those collected between January and December Only a sample from March tested positive for Covid Over in Italy , Italian scientists have also said they found Covid genetic material present in sewage months before the virus turned northern Italy into the global Covid hotspot.

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